"What is very helpful is they (CCEDP) stayed with us. They are not going to lure us in as a customer and then leave us alone."

Brigitte Hartenstein, CFO, Steag Energy Services



"There were numerous incentives that were offered to us from the state as well as the county. There were tax incentives for property tax relief. There were incentives given to us for the cost of the land. There were utility grants that were available to help take care of road improvement and rail improvement."

John Heitkamp, Electrical Engineer, Clearwater Paper


"The benefit of being in Cleveland County is the fact that we are really central to our customers. A lot of our customer will come into our headquarters in Greenville and can be here in an hour. A lot of our mining customers can bring their customers from any of the coal states and do testing on site. So, it is really central to a lot of our customers and industries."

Stuart Cheek, Facility Manager, Baldor





"The sense of community and sharing within the manufacturing groups has been very beneficial to our growth."

Vince Reese, Plant Manager, Clearwater Paper





"To start a project is one thing, but to deliver or to supply continuous help during this initial step is a very necessary thing and it was always provided from all the colleagues at CCEDP."

Jan Christoph Schwarck, Plant Manager USA, KSM Castings