Workforce Development

A highly capable workforce is a key factor to business success. The CCEDP partners with Gardner – Webb University, Cleveland Community College, Cleveland County Schools, and other training providers to foster and support the on-going development of Cleveland County’s workforce. These customized training programs and skilled workforce make Cleveland County a great place to locate and grow a business.

An example of local partnering is the annual “Making It Work” Fair that creates awareness and builds excitement among high school juniors and seniors about career opportunities in manufacturing. The event continues to grow with over 150 students attending this year. They participate in an Engineering Competition facilitated by NC State University’s Industrial Extension Service, a Tour of the host’s manufacturing facility and a Showcase on training and job opportunities with over 25 exhibitors. Participating senior students are invited to compete for college scholarships provided through sponsorships from the exhibiting companies.

Cleveland Community College Workforce & Career Development Center

Cleveland Community College has established a highly innovative Workforce and Career Development Center which focuses on assisting employees in Cleveland County by sharpening their leadership and soft skills, and also assists with job placement.

Region C Workforce Development Board

The Region C Workforce Development Board, a part of the regional council, provides administration and oversight on multiple job-seeker and employer programs. An active partner of the CCEDP, they facilitate funding for new hire and incumbent worker training programs.

Workforce Statistics