Existing Industry Support

Thank you for doing business in Cleveland County. When a Cleveland County business succeeds the entire community benefits. We are glad you’re here, and we want you to continue to grow and develop here.

Please contact us to learn how the CCEDP works proactively with existing businesses to identify challenges and opportunities for growth and expansion. We welcome questions regarding our existing industry retention program and are more than willing to come to your office to discuss support programs and resources.

Regular site visits and communication with our existing industries helps our team align county businesses with the appropriate resources to speed the realization of new job creation and investment in our community. Engaging with you allows us to provide better information and understanding for all local leaders in regards to local businesses and the strengths and weaknesses of our business climate. We host a quarterly Industrial Roundtable at rotating sites providing senior managers in our key industries an opportunity to develop working relationships, share best practices and work together to further the economic, social, and cultural development of Cleveland County.

Cleveland County has a strong network of industrial associations that collaborate regularly to improve the local economy and quality of place, share best practices, and work together to gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace. The Cleveland Industrial Relations Association is an organization for human resource professionals that share a common interest in information, labor trends, and effective practices in industrial relations management.  The Business Education Alliance provides the means by which employers and educators work together to understand each other’s needs and requirements with the goal of improving educational outcomes. Please contact the CCEDP to learn more and get involved in them.

Questions or Concerns about your business? Contact us if your company is experiencing any challenge including the following:

  • Facing barriers to growth.
  • Buying another company, being bought or merged.
  • Outgrowing your existing facility.
  • Have unused or excess space in your building.
  • Dealing with infrastructure, zoning, regulatory, or utility issues.
  • Struggling to find qualified employees.
  • Considering training options for your workforce.